Technology Use Agreement - Students

La Tijera Academy of Excellence Charter School is a 1 to 1 school.  We provide every student access to rich information and technology resources. Students will receive a device and training to develop the skills necessary to use such resources effectively. Technology resources include the use of: iPads (TK – 2nd grade), Chromebooks (3rd – 8th grade) and Android tablets (Middle School elective class), interactive white boards, Internet access, Google Workspace for Education), all curriculum based software and websites and other technology peripherals. Technology resources are provided for students and staff to collaborate, produce, publish, conduct research, and communicate with each other.  In return, it is expected that La Tijera students will use these resources for educational purposes only.  

La Tijera via Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) has taken reasonable steps to ensure that our technology resources are used only for activities that support the curriculum. Users should not expect privacy through e-mail, Internet usage, or created documents. IUSD will monitor individual use of all technology systems as needed. However, total security on such a far-reaching system is imperfect and impossible to achieve.

All users are expected to act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner and conform to common etiquette that includes being polite, using appropriate language, and respecting privacy by adhering to the following rules:

General Rules:

  1. All school rules apply (See Student Handbook for more details).
  2. Follow directions the first time given and respective behavior is required at all times.
  3. Keep hands clean.
  4. No food or drink is allowed near Chromebooks, iPads or computer equipment.
  5. Do not mishandle the Chromebooks, iPads or technology equipment.
  6. If you are not sure, ASK!

Internet rules:

  1. Do not reveal personal information (home address or phone number) of your own or another person’s.
  2. Respect others online – NO BULLYING!
  3. Use the Internet for good reasons (Cause NO HARM to self nor others).
  4. Do not plagiarize, download, share or change information in any way that you do not own without citing the source or getting permission from the owner.
  5. Do not vandalize and/or tamper with equipment, programs, files, system performance or other components of the network, including copying, distributing, or modifying copyrighted software, pictures or music.
  6. Do not use another user’s account or user name or allow another user access to one’s own account or user name
  7. Do not share your password either knowingly or carelessly.
  8. Do not use e-mail for other than school/district-related purposes.

Click here for a printable form: Technology Use Agreement- Students- 2021-2022