Discipline Plan

Schoolwide Discipline Plan

  • Discipline Infractions will be given to students violating school rules. Three Discipline Infractions can result in a school detention.  Three detentions can result in a school suspension.  A parent conference will be called to discuss Discipline Infractions.
  • Students are not permitted to wear curlers, sunglasses, no sleeveless clothing, bare midriff tops, tank tops or spaghetti straps, hats, mini dresses or skirts, white t-shirts, bandannas, hairnets, rags, sagging trousers, shredded clothing or cut-off jeans. Jeans are permitted on “Free Dress” days, however students are not permitted to wear shirts with inappropriate sayings and/or pictures on t-shirts.  No red shirts, socks, hats, shoe strings, or other gang-related attire are allowed.  La Tijera adheres to a strict uniform policy during regular and free dress school days.  Any student violating the dress code will receive a discipline infraction.
  • Parents are NOT permitted to approach, address, or send a message to another child without the other child’s parent present. If you have concerns involving your child and another student, you must notify La Tijera administration if you wish to discuss the matter further. You may be prosecuted or arrested if you attempt to make contact with another student to resolve conflicts.
  • Students are NOT permitted to wear bold fluorescent hair colors (ex. orange, green, pink, yellow, purple blue, etc.).
  • Zero tolerance for weapons. This includes but is not limited to guns, knives, box cutters, laser pointers, etc.  (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion, Police Report).
  • Zero tolerance for fighting, physical attacks or verbal threats against students or school personnel (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion).
  • Zero tolerance for students using tobacco products (including electronic vaporizers), drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages on campus (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion).
  • Zero tolerance for students engaging in any form of harassment and/or bullying including cyber-bullying (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion). Students are not allowed to photograph or record another student using a camera or cellphone without school consent.
  • Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices or toys to school. This includes CD Players, IPODs, MP3 players, video games, Gameboys, headphones, trading cards, skateboards, scooters and/or balls, etc.  Students who break this rule will have item confiscated and held until a parent comes to claim it.  La Tijera School is not responsible for any items that have been confiscated by administration, teachers or employees.
  • Any student who damages, writes on walls, defaces or takes school property, or the property of others, may be suspended.
  • Students are not permitted to loiter or create disturbances on campus. Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom without permission from the teacher and a pass.
  • Students are not allowed to ride bicycles, skateboards, scooters or roller skates on campus.
  • Candy, hot chips or Cheetos, gum and sunflower seeds are not allowed. The selling of candy and other items by students IS NOT PERMITTED.  The school will confiscate item(s) and money.  Confiscated items become the property of the school and will not be returned.
  • Food items are to remain in, and be consumed in the designated eating areas. LITTERING IS NOT ALLOWED.